The Philippines May 2013 Election – An Overview

Posted: May 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The Philippines May 2013 Election


An Overview

May 1, 2013 was the day that both the public and the aspirants were waiting for to cast the names of their choices. Many people encountered numerous problems starting from lining up in the precint until putting their ballots to the controversial PCOS machine. The ultimate driving force for all voters that time is the hope of having new leaders and new changes in the government. The Election Day ended with so many issues and problems that need some addressing and answers from the COMELEC people. On the other hand, let us give a round of applause to the teachers, poll watchers as well as volunteers who assisted the COMELEC and made the Election Day possible. Kudos to all of you.

Now, everyone are excited to see the results especially the national one. Some local winners were already proclaimed while some are still on the venture of canvassing the votes. The result for the senatorial magic 12 is the most awaited, however, it was already past 48 hours and still the National Board of Canvassers are still having a hard and slow time consolidating all the votes. At some point, we can’t blame them for it is a very critical one. They want to be definite and sure once they have proclaimed the members of the magic circle of 12. Such delays must be expected by the public.

The INC bloc vote came also with some speculations. Some said it doesn’t have any effect at all but for those who are in the race, badly needs it. The bloc vote could draw the difference between winning and losing.

To give a bird’s eye view on the senatorial race, Grace Poe is still the leading aspirant spotting the first rank with more than 14 million votes based to the partial and unofficial canvass. Her shocking rank is related as a vindication of her late father’s controversial lost to Ex-president GMA. Another new face that could fill one of the seats in the senate is Nancy Binay who became a laughingstock especially on the social networking sites like Facebook. So many hashtags were spilled around about her possible winning. Some people cannot wait to see Senator Defensor slam her during a session in the Senate. On another point, there is this one person who got the applause of the notorious lady senator of Iloilo, it is Sonny Angara who is said to be a Harvard graduate and with exemplary performance in the Congress passing numerous laws. For sure, people will vigilantly watch his performance in the Senate. Lastly, Mrs. Hanepbuhay Villar made it in the top 12 despite being despised by the nurses whom she disrespected by her remarks. Whether it is intentional or unintentional, her remarks already embedded a bitter taste to the nurses’ community. What she can do as she sits in the senate is to improve the healthcare system of our country as well as the compensation for all healthcare workers.

A part of public feel sad about having their choice losing the race. Hontiveros is expected to win but to no luck, she lost a spot in the Magic 12. Being compared to Nancy Binay, Hontiveros is considered better than the daughter of the vice president. Hagedorn, being an independent aspirant, received a flooding million votes from those who support his aspirations. It may be a flooding million votes but it was not enough to secure his seat in the senate. Maybe next national election, he’ll make it, just maybe.

As Pinoys impatiently waiting for the final result of the senatorial race, let’s hope that whoever wins will prioritize the welfare of our nation.



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